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Welcome Visitors! We are the team behind, we are here to help you getting free gems for the new game Plants Vs Zombies Heroes. Our Plants Vs Zombies Heroes Hack will help you to get free gems, these gems will help you in getting better at the game faster, getting new packs and making you a better player in general. Our tool is being updated regulary and we will keep updating it as the game lives. We hope that our tool will make you having more fun in the game!


Plants Vs Zombies: Heroes

PvZ Heroes is a card game that is being developed by PopCap for mobile phones, the game has a super hero style. The game has different characters, each one is a different super hero with different powers and abilities. In the game, you have to defeat different zombies and you can also compete against different players, including your friends, in casual games or even ranked games. When you collect cards and different heroes, you can simply assemble your team with the cards that you have, with the team that you assembled you can compete and win against other players and zombies. Plants Vs Zombies Heroes also introduces an adventure mode, where you have to follow the story of the game, with comic-style sequences. In the adventure mode, you have to play with your favorite plant and zombies and take down all the opposing heroes in different locations, you can also experiment different plants while playing in adventure mode.


Plants Vs Zombies Gems

PvZ Heroes has microtransactions in it. What does it mean? Well, it means that people can buy stuff in game using real cash, which will give them advantages if you compare them to people that don't purchase anything. This helps people to advance much faster in the game and getting better. This is great for competitive players that have money and want their rank to increase. How does it work in Plants Vs Zombies Heroes? Well, EA offers people to purchase gems, an in-game currency that allows players to buy packs which are not basic, and they can be very expensive. Except buying, you can get them through quests and leveling in ranked matches, but these methods will reward you with very small amounts that won't help you much.


Why should you use us?

Well, you can use our online generator to get a nice amount of gems in game and buy packs, which will get you better in game and help you to increase your rank. This is what I mentioned above, but except that, this is an online generator working infront of EA's servers and doesn't involve your device, which means that you won't get infected by any virus if you were afraid about it. Also, it doesn't require anything from your device, so no resources are wasted!

Plants vs Zombies Heroes Hack

The Hack is available for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry.
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